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But for short periods in its history, Delhi has always been the seat of power, and the city reflects its onerous role. It is said that there has been not one but seven cities of Delhi, built under different dynasties, different rulers. In truth there may perhaps have been more. But from the ancient past, in Indian folklore, as the capital of the legendary kingdom of Indraprastha, through chapters of medieval history to which time ravaged monuments bear evidence to its modern resurrection, Delhi has certainly endured for many hundreds of centuries, and undergone many transitions.

Today Delhi is a happy blend of an exciting past and a pulsating present. Its modern growth has fortunately been confined to sprawling, low buildings, that have kept it close to its character as a garden city. Modern buildings with their glass walls sit harmoniously adjacent to old monuments each with its own distinct, imposing character.
Delhi is a city of entrepreneurs and enterprise, it has developed a personality that is overwhelming, a striving city that does not accept failure. It is a city of the past, with a future.
Delhi's roads are girdled by trees providing a green canopy, its traffic islands have been turned into gardens, and the city provides a dimension of space even as it exudes an aura of history. It is both political as well as an administrative capital, a centre for academics and the arts...Everything that happens in India finds a reflection in this dynamic city. With strength Delhi combines refinement; it is one of the world's most exciting capital cities.

Qutab minar, delhi
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There is much to see here--the large impressive Red Fort with its palaces and public halls, the perfection of the Jama Masjid (mosque), the monumental Qutab Minar, the sandstone tombs of Humayun and Safdarjung, the proud battlements of Purana Quila, the imposing India Gate and its environs, the peaceful gardens of Shantivana and Rajghat and even the recently commissioned, extremely modem Baha'i Temple made of marble and shaped exquisitely like the petals of a lotus bloom. Delhi's modern shops and rows of emporia dazzle with an array of shopping opportunities, for, all of India's splendid shopping is easily at hand here. In this modern city, on any given day, you can choose to spend time at a classical music or dance recital, a stage show of Broadway's latest hit, or a son et lumiere highlighting the city's rich past. Or participate in the innumerable activities at Pragati Maidan, the country's premier exhibition grounds.
Delhi is always host to not only exhibitions--where you can stroll in and buy exquisite masterworks for a song but also to art and cultural shows and sports tourneys. There are festivals and parades too.
Krishna Air Services has taken care to ensure that the dynamism of Delhi is blended with just the right festival spirit to package for you a holiday that, like Delhi, will endure with time.

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