The Royal Orient

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When tradition & modernity go hand in hand

The Royal Orient, takes you from Delhi through the previously undiscovered state of Gujarat.

route map of the the royal orient

As well as
Udaipur with its romantic palaces on Lake Pichola, and the pink city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. You would also visit the following places during the one-week trip:

Palitana, there are 863 Jain temples of breathtaking beauty on the Shertrunjaya mountain which overlooks the town. Most of the temples with their exquisite sculptures, were built in the 11 th century by the most outstanding artists of their time.

The next highlight is the temple of Somnath, one of the twelve most sacred Shiva temples. Situated 79 kms. from Junagarh, was built in the 11 th century. It was repeatedly destroyed and each time rebuilt in a more magnificent manner. Anyone who does not want to lie and relax in the sun on the beach of 
Ahmedpur - Mandvi can explore the former Portuguese island of Diu. In the
Sasan Gir wildlife conservation park the more adventurous spirits will get their money’s worth as this is the reserve for the last Asiatic lions.

Ahmedabad, named after its founder Ahmed Shah I, was built on the site of the ancient city of Karnavati. Now the capital of Gujarat, is famous as it was here that Mahatma Gandhi founded his Sabarmati ashram, 7kms. from the city on the banks of Sabarmati river.


Wednesday 15.00 leave Delhi
Thursday 06.30
arrive Chittorgarh
depart Chittorgarh
arrive Udaipur
depart Udaipur
Friday 14.45
arrive Junagadh
depart Junagadh
arrive Veraval
Saturday 05.00
depart Veraval
arrive Sasangir
depart Sasangir
arrive Delvada
depart Delvada
arrive Veraval
depart Veraval
Sunday 07.30
arrive Palitana
depart Palitana
arrive Ahmedabad
Monday 15.00 depart Ahmedabad
Tuesday 08.00
arrive Jaipur
depart Jaipur
Wednesday 06.30 arrive Delhi


Single Occupancy
2- Berth Cabin Sharing
3- Berth Cabin Sharing
October to March
US$ 350 per day
US$ 200 per day
US$ 175 per day
April & September
US$ 263 per day
US$ 150 per day
US$ 132 per day

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